Adidas Adicolor, adventure or alien?

Three basic collections to choose according to your mood

Streetwear changes and renews itself every month, now part of what is commonly identified as “Fast Fashion“. Streetwear, but not adidas.
The adidas Originals apparel has never gone out of fashion, although its most iconic items date back to the 70s. Just think of the iconic acetate tracksuit, with the three side stripes, the zipper and the collar: this icon of sport and lifestyle after, has never changed its silhouette, updating only the catalog of colors, from year to year.
You could say that it’s the times that have adapted to her, and not the other way around.
Check out our selection of collections: Adicolor / Adventure / Alien – all with links to shop on Urban Jungle!

Scopri la nostra selezione delle collezioni: Adicolor / Adventure / Alien – tutte con link per acqusitare su Urban Jungle!


 Shop adidas Adicolor Collection

One of the historical collections of the German brand. Born under this name the iconic jumpsuit, with the three side stripes and the front zipper. In fact, adicolor also consists of sweatshirts, tees, sweatpants and accessories, all sharing the essential style, bright colors and organic cotton.


Shop adidas Adventure Collection

Just from name, the adventue collection refers to the outewear style. The adidas adv items stand out for their functional style, with vibrant accents straight from the classic adidas catalog, with the addition of details and fabrics designed for the outdoor lifestyle, such as gore-tex.



Shop adidas Alien Collection

A capsule with an intergalactic look, created in collaboration with the Better Cotton Initiative, a sustainable cotton grower. The Alien Collection revisits the classic clover logo, transforming it into the face of a friendly alien. All garments are made of soft terrycloth, neutral colors such as cream, beige, black and ocher.