adidas Gazelle: how to wear them for Spring 2023.

The adidas gazelle trainers are more relevant today than ever, even though they were born in 1968.

With their classic design and bright colors, they are a timeless icon: part of their appeal lies in their simple, minimalist, and versatile design. But how to ‘make’ them your own? That is, how can we combine them with personality in our everyday outfits?
Here are some tips on how to combine adidas gazelles for spring 2023.

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Take inspiration from the subcultures of the past.

According to Jean Khalife, Design Director of Footwear Innovation at adidas, today’s cool hunting and trendsetters look to the subcultures of the past for inspiration when it comes to matching their Gazelles today.
So, from Skate subculture, to hip-hop and soccer perhaps paired with the adidas Firebird tracksuit, get inspired by the subcultures of the 90s and 2000s for next season too.

Pair them with Coordinated Ensembles.

Co-ordinated outfits are an easy way to make a fashion statement: they look polished, can be worn effortlessly and with a sense of ease thanks to the simple choice of combinations.

How to make this look more personal?

By pairing a pair of Gazelles in a completely contrasting color: the bold colors create a new interpretation, achieving the maximum visual effect.

Wear them with versatility.

Gazelle adidas are often used to add a casual touch to more elegant outfits: the ideal trainer for luxurious looks such as a suit or summer dress, but they look just as good worn with outfits that adhere to the mantra “comfort is king“.
The wide, exaggerated silhouettes balance the tapered design of the shoe.

A retro touch

The 70s still influence the way we dress today: with their liberating and eccentric spirit, they create an explosive mix of colors, fabrics and striking silhouettes.
No fabric encapsulates the essence of the decade like the velvet of the Gazelle; born in 1968 but exploded, in fact, in the early 70s: pair the adidas Gazelle with corduroy trousers and coloured details. You’re done!

Indulge in Colors

Use Gazelles to add a splash of color to muted tones. The red, blue and green adidas Gazelles liven up neutral colors, adding a splash of color to an otherwise understated look: its refined silhouette, when paired with essentials, catches the eye.

Structure a Maximalist look

You can take inspiration from the maximalism of past decades to create visually strong outfits.
Just make sure that your look has a lot of ‘volume’, taking up as much space as possible; mix contrasting prints, aiming for bright colors and textured fabrics, such as velvet or corduroy. The simple, minimalist design of the adidas gazelle will create the perfect balance between minimal and maximal with guaranteed effect.

Dare to pair them with high fashion brands

As collaborations with the most in-demand fashion houses and designers of the moment have shown, adidas Gazelles lend themselves perfectly to the sophistication and elegance of the most elegant outfits.
Pair them with maxi tulle skirts, precious sequined sheath dresses, tailored trousers and blazers: all topped off with mini it-bags. They will be the Must that completes your look.

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