MARKET SS22 Collection

New brand added at Urban Jungle Store: MARKET from L.A


Market creates Collections full of references to the Big Apple, to bootlegs, to consumer culture.

Market – it was Chinatown Market – has created a sort of unintentional pop icon, certainly the label is not afraid to amaze, to make people talk about it. Its collections have exaggerated all-over patterns, colorful patterns, provocative messages, pop symbols that are given a completely different meaning, like Smiley itself – which here loses its original optimistic meaning, becoming mocking.

Behind that smiley is a young designer named Mike Cherman, a previous name linked to Kith and ICNY – brands for which he has been branding curator.

Going back to the name, Cherman is chosen to eliminate “compromising” Market following the rise of the #StopAsianHate movement and discrimination against Chinese culture, targeted and accused of spreading Covid-19.

Back to Market, the Spring / Summer 2022 collection twists some of the most recognizable symbols of Zen and pop culture, reworking them in a “Market” key.

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