Mid-Cut Sneakers: lifestyle version of a model born for Sport

Love or Hate, The Mid-Cut has always split the Sneakers lovers.


Why have Mid Sneakers never been able to get everyone to agree?

The mid model was born in the early 2000s, as a more accessible lifestyle response to the second release Air Jordan 1 High OG: the collar shortened by several inches was the optimal and most comfortable solution to wear it every day.

Despite the color palette similar to the OG version, the Mid never managed to gain the same popularity as its big sisters, especially among purists of Sneakers Culture, who remain tied to shoes born for sports and in this case, the Jordan 1 worn by MJ on the parquet field.

What has always split the market on the issue “Mid”, is the fact that many more pairs are produced than the OG. The result is a greater ease in finding them, addressing an audience too large for the standards of collectors or Sneaker Obsessed.

In spite of a certain downgrading that has always accompanied it, over the years the Mid model has managed to redeem itself, thanks to several Collab and attractive design that have convinced even the most snobbish.

Brands such as adidas, Reebok Converse, Nike and Jordan have launched several Mid releases.

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