The 5 most Expensive Nike Air Force 1s Ever.

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There used to be limited edition luxury cars, paintings by famous artists or memorabilia of old sports glories; today it is Sneakers that occupy the place of honor in the market for rare and luxury items.

In auction house like Sotheby’s-one of the most famous and luxurious in the world, once dedicated exclusively to works of art-it is not difficult to see a sneaker sold for nearly $2 million, such as Kanye West Nike Air Yeezy Grammy PrototypeSale Price: $1,800,000.

Air Force 1 Scarr’s Pizza dedicated to the legendary NY’s pizzeria – Value 12.000 USD

Despite humble origins and low retail prices, sneakers can reach mind-boggling figures.

What increases its value in the market?

What makes sneakrs expensive?

The value of a Sneaker comes from its history, exclusivity and, most important of all, its cultural impact.
We focused on one of the most beloved sports shoes of all time, the Air Force 1.
On this list are the five most expensive on the market right now, from the least “expensive” (N5) to the most expensive (N1).

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5) Nike Air Force 1 Promo Terror Squad.

In 2004, Hip Hop artist Fat Joe collaborated with Nike to make a pair of Air Force 1s of rare beauty: the Promo Terror Squad. The run was only a few dozen put on the market; notably, this model has never been offered for sale.

Its current value is $13,000.


4) The Nike Air Force 1 Supreme Quickstrike Year of the Rabbit.

For years now, Nike has celebrated the Chinese New Year with amazing releases.

To celebrate the Year of the Rabbit in 2011, the brand created a Quickstrike model of the Air Force 1, which is currently on auction for over 13 thousand euros.
This release is an absolute gem: premium leather upper, white rabbit drawn on the linuette, meticulous detailing and the shoe box reminiscent – in every way – of the traditional candy wrapper sold in China on New Year’s Eve.

3) The Nike Air Force 1 Low Ueno Sakura.

In 2005, the cherry blossom season – in Japan – inspired the creation of one of the most beautiful, and cherished Air Force 1s in Sneakers Culture history: the Low Ueno Sakura.
The name is dedicated to Tokyo’s famous Ueno Park, where the beautiful blossoming trees can be seen; the front of the upper has a delicate floral pattern, where the name “Ueno” is also located; the pink recalls the color of the fragrant cherry blossoms. The cost is 14 thousand euros.

2) Nike Air Force 1 Hyperstrike 1 World CLOTs.

Sold only in Shanghai and Hong Kong, the Air Force 1 Hyperstrike 1 World CLOT is a rare gem in the world of Sneakers.
These shoes were designed and made to celebrate the Chinese Lunar Year of 2009, from which the vibrant red color is inspired, and the silk lining the upper, which in case of breakage or tear, reveals an exclusive pattern. Cost 23,000 euros.

1) Nike Air Force 1 x Louis Vuitton

Nike Air Force 1 x Louis Vuitton, designed by Virgil Abloh and released posthumously after his death, could only stand at the podium. The pack features no less than 40 low and 6 mid silhouettes, for a total of 46 models, all finely handcrafted by Italian artisans from the best materials on the market.
The LV monogram is embossed ton sur ton, for what has become the symbolism of the new luxury Streetwear.
Prominent models include the low full-colored version worth 31,900 euros, the mid with checkered uppers and graffiti-style graphics worth 30,900 euros, and the low white worth 29,000 euros.

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