The Great Return of the adidas Adimatic.

adidas Adimatic 1:1 Retro Available at Urban Jungle.


The adidas Adimatic was originally launched in the 1990s, when adidas decided to open to the skate shoe market, after dominating with its iconic models, world of basketball, tennis, and soccer.

The Adimatic had the clear intent to insert itself among the hidden ranks of youth subcultures, mainly related to punk, and succeeded by presenting the shoe in the very famous Thrasher magazine.

By the late 1990s, the shoe was already a cult of German and British subcultures and a status for skateboarders. Its low, domed silhouette, swollen tongue as well as bold coloring found unexpected acceptance even among the ranks of metalheads, as evidenced by the artwork released for Deftone’s single “My Own Summer.”

Even the streetwear-sick Cool Kids of UraHara, Tokyo were trying hard to snag the green version with the three white stripes; fans were growing and sites were populated with vintage models at triple the price.

Not surprisingly, adidas decided to resurrect its silhouette from the past; with the help of designers Miguel and Joe, of Originals and Energy/Consortium models respectively, they faithfully reproduced it, down to the smallest details, including the sturdy and intricate shark-tooth sole, the original performance logo on the heel.

Given the meticulousness with which it was reproduced, the Adimatic 1:1 retro was received with the same enthusiasm and warmth as the communities of the time.


The 2023 adidas Adimatic 1:1 Retro are made largely from recycled material from production waste, e.g., cutting waste, post-consumer household waste, and materials from adidas factories. They feature durable suede on the upper; the Three Stripes on the side panels; flat, thick laces; a zig-zag pattern on the midsole; and a Gum rubber outsole. The retro pair will feature recycled content generated from manufacturing waste.

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