Is not just a game.

An abandoned basketball court, a group of guys – the Nbagnoli – who, despite the difficulties, kept on playing on a cracked asphalt with baskets that, stoically, still stood up. All adorned with poorly maintained gardens with no service.
This was the scenario that we found a month ago, and that immediately made us understand that we had to do something to give these guys, a fundamental part of our community, a dream and a court in which to play and express themselves without the fear of getting hurt.

Urban Jungle is more than a brand or a chain of Sneakers stores.
It is a project without barriers and borders that, through streetwear, sneakers and sport culture, has always combined diversity by giving space and voice, through events and collaborations, to our communities.
Urban Jungle has been in Italy for 15 years, in Malta, in Morocco and now in Algeria, we have been to France in Spain and everywhere we have brought our message, our DNA and our culture. We chose Naples as the headquarters for our company in Italy and for Naples, today, it was our duty to give these amazing guys a new basketball court and an area where the whole neighborhood could be united and identified.

Thanks to the help of Giancarlo Garaffa and Giansandro Morelli of Charaltans Basket, a non-profit association that promotes inclusive basketball (of which we are proudly silent partners), to the support of Premio Green Care, an association for the redevelopment of green spaces, to the association Dare Futuro which deals with the protection of the rights of minors and women and the involvement of Bereshit Onlus and the crew of the Back To The Style Graffiti Jam we have given life to this project.

All animated by the same passion for sport and street culture, we have worked tirelessly to be able to donate this small gift to the Nbagnoli crew and to the whole neighborhood that, we are sure, will cherish with passion and pride.