Vans Off The Wall Gallery Celebrates the Underground Art

Discover the Vans OTW collection in collaboration with artists and illustrators from all over the world.

We have selected the coolest sneakers and apparel, created in collaboration with artists, illustrators, tattoo artists, who have customized the iconic models of the Californian brand with their own stylistic language, to create unique and limited edition items.


Vans x Ruben Martinho

Marthino is a freelance graphic designer based in London. His style takes inspiration from Lo-Fi comics, with which he mixes 50’s style lettering and imagery.

Although he is still an emerging artist, although with a long experience as a graphic designer, his works have attracted the attention of musicians, designers and Streetwear brands, as in the case of Vans, who wanted him for the OTW Gallery project.

For this collab, Ruben Martinho wanted to bring back to light the now lost art of posters, in a world now totally ruled by digital advertising, taking inspiration from his personal collection of posters and playbills from the 90s British Raves.

Featuring a sci-fi vibe with neon colors on a black background, the collection highlights Vans’ classic checkerboard pattern, distorted in a Gabber style.


Vans x Dwiky Ka

Dwiky Ka is an Indonesian artist from Surabaya, East Java.

Known for his eclectic art style, Ka draws inspiration from the aesthetics of 1950s comic books and infuses his illustrations with the essence of science fiction.

His creativity and dedication have captured the public’s attention, from music events and local exhibitions to collaborations with magazines and emerging brands.

Between fantasy and reality, Dwiky Ka’s illustrations are always provocative and irreverent: they marry the free style of Vans to perfection.


Vans x Nathan Kostechko

Nathan Kostechko is an American tattoo artist from Los Angeles – with roots stemming from the rebellious nature of the surf and skateboard cultures of 1990s California.

He has become a staple in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles and has gained global recognition from artists and tattoo lovers alike. His art has also been appreciated outside of the tattoo world and some of his work has been exhibited in art galleries around the world

Drawing on surf, skateboard and punk rock culture, his Vans OTW Gallery collection is a personal interpretation of Nathan’s classic designs popularized by tattoo art, such as mermaids, skeletons, anchors, hearts, small glimpses of tropical paradises.