We’re proud to present our new store in Naples, Via Toledo!

Urban Jungle Store Napoli – Via Toledo has opened its door.


A large space of over 200 square meters located in the center of Naples, which we bet will become the next landmark of Street Culture in the city!

Urban Jungle Napoli Via Toledo, 71 is a new concept store created to offer you a unique and engaging shopping experience: here you will always find the most exclusive releases, the most sought-after collaborations, limited edition collections, collectible toys, accessories, and incredible sneakers, all at the original retail price.

Since 1993, Urban Jungle has been a retail and online group, an authorized retailer of the best sportswear and trainer brands, guaranteeing originality of products at official prices, never overpriced.

Immerse yourself in a new shopping experience in the center of Naples.

We’ll be waiting for you at Urban Jungle Store Napoli Via Toledo, 71!

About Urban Jungle Store

We are an online brand and official retailer of the best Streetwear and Sneakers brands since 1993, when we opened our first store in Malta, and then conquered important cities in Europe and North Africa.

Our passion for Street Culture, sports aggregation and everything related to style and trainers, drives us to improve the aggregation centers in the urban centers where we are present as a store, to create united, inclusive, multi-ethnic communities without barriers of any kind, social, physical, mental.

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In our years of activity, in addition to taking care of our core business: spreading, selling and distributing Sneakers and Streetwear; we have also done a lot of urban requalification work, to give the younger generations back their spaces to express themselves freely.

Our policy has always been the same, for thirty years: to guarantee the latest streetwear, the most popular and sought-after sneakers of the moment, the most exclusive accessories always at the right retail price, which only an authorized retailer like ours can guarantee.

Enter in one of our stores and visit urbanjunglestore.com.