adidas Originals presents ALWAYS ORIGINAL

A collection under the banner of inclusiveness told by charismatic and dynamic personalities.

Adidas continues its Impossible is Nothing campaign: the mission is to create real and lasting change for women, expressed through important initiatives involving both the lifestyle and sports worlds


This season the brand has involved non-binary women around the world, proposing new interpretations of the concept of "Originality", always aware of their enormous charisma and potential.

A celebration of the innovative and unique expressions of their uniqueness, to pay homage to the multi-faceted identities, but also the less recognized pioneering personalities, who have paved the way for a new generation of non-binary women and people.

Adidas Originals further highlights and recognizes the incredible talents of these women from all walks of life, choosing some change makers like Ellie Goldstein, Taqwa Bint Ali, Naomi Otsu and many others, called to tell the story of the new Always Original collection: an authentic celebration of femininity.

The campaign takes place directly in the homes of the personalities involved, showing that their version of originality is anything but new: it is simply what millions of other people have in common.
Each item in the collection has been carefully crafted to be as inclusive and accessible to women and non-binary people as possible; the products available incorporate invidivual expression, in all its forms.

Leading the way is novelty.

Available in the Urban Jungle Store and in Online Store