From the stadium to the latest trend: the Puma Palermo OG is back!

The atmosphere of English terraces comes to life in the Palermo OG, rooted in the ’80s.


The PUMA Palermo OG is part of a special series of sneakers paying tribute to famous European capitals, merging sport, culture, and lifestyle. This shoe holds a special place in PUMA’s history, and its return in 2023 marks its 45th anniversary since its creation.

Its story takes us back to the ’80s, a decade where the worlds of football and street fashion merged in a unique synergy. This elegant low-top sneakers, with its distinctive silhouette and classic blue and white colors, quickly became a choice among football fans and streetwear enthusiasts across Europe. But what makes this sneaker so special?

The retro design with a T-toe and rubber sole pays tribute to the era in which it was born, when football was more than just a sport; it was a culture. Additionally, the sneaker is adorned with a golden PUMA tag on the side and the PUMA logo on the heel, two details that showcase the brand’s commitment to quality and distinctive design.

Puma Palermo and Its Connection to Football: A Journey through Europe’s Terraces.

The Puma Palermo was originally launched in the ‘80s as a tribute to football fans‘ off-field activities and was part of a special series of sneakers created to pay homage to some famous European capitals, including Oslo, Rome, London, and, of course, the capital of the island of Sicily.

Thanks to its captivating design, it quickly spread among football fans all over Europe, becoming a timeless must-have that has survived to this day, thanks to its classic and distinctive style, evoking a sense of football nostalgia and serving as the perfect complement to any piece of streetwear.

New Color Variation of Puma Palermo OG: A Burst of Life and Color

In addition to the classic white and blue colorway, PUMA has introduced two new color variations of the Palermo OG. These vibrant schemes pay homage to the iconic fruit vendors of Palermo, adding a touch of uniqueness to this historic shoe. These new colors embody the vibrancy of Palermo’s streets, with shades that seem to have been taken directly from the fruit stalls.

The Style of English Terraces, the Casuals, and the Return of Bloke Core

England, the home of football and global fashion trends, is an endless source of history and tradition. From English football fields and their passionate fans, subcultures emerged that profoundly influenced the social and cultural fabric of the country. Among these subcultures, the “Casuals,” a group of football enthusiasts with a rebellious lifestyle, played a significant role.

Initially, the Casuals were hooligans, often associated with skinhead and Hard Mod groups, known for their flashy looks that made them easily recognizable and thus a target for authorities‘ attention. However, their goal was entirely different: they wanted to go unnoticed. Their passion was football, and everything revolved around it. To escape the authorities’ attention, hooligan fans started wearing bourgeois attire, neatly groomed hair, and adopted a “good boys” look.

This gave birth to the Casuals, groups of fans who embraced this clothing culture. For them, the search for a specific look and clothing items became an obsession, and brands became objects of worship. This style evolved over the years to become today’s Casual style.

In the ‘90s, this style evolved further and influenced athleisure culture, where English football fans were seen wearing oversized tracksuits, vibrant colors, polo shirts, and minimalist yet recognizable design sneakers. This culture was dedicated to sneakers and sportswear, with graphic prints, timeless silhouettes, ubiquitous logos, essential design, bold colors, but also a strong preference for black and white.

Today, the term “Casual” has taken on new meanings, but the ‘90s sportswear style has made a comeback. “The past is back in fashion,” and younger generations seem to embrace an era they may not have experienced, while those who lived through those times celebrate them joyfully through trends that evoke nostalgia. Today, the style of English terraces is undergoing an unprecedented revival with the emergence of Bloke Core, a reinterpretation of streetwear fashion worn by football fans between the late ‘80s and the early 2000s.

Where to Buy Puma Palermo OG

PUMA Palermo OG is be available for purchase online at and in Urban Jungle stores. Puma has introduced two more color variations inspired by the iconic fruit vendors of Palermo, adding a touch of uniqueness to your footwear and paying homage to the Sicilian name of the shoe.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of football and urban fashion history.