Nike Tech Fleece: 10 years of the fabric that revolutionized Streetwear.

We celebrate Nike’s innovative and evergreen material through some interesting facts about it!

What is Nike Tech Fleece?

Introduced by Nike in 2013, Tech Fleece is a lightweight, thermal material made primarily of a blend of polyester, usually with a percentage of cotton and spandex.

This fabric combination provides a warm and soft feel against the skin, as well as good stretch for comfort and fit. The exact proportion of materials may vary slightly depending on the specific garment, but polyester is the key component that contributes to the fabric’s lightness, fit, and moisture management.


Tech fleece is lightweight and thermal, features that have revolutionized streetwear through the creation of comfortable, season-appropriate styles-essential, performance styles that look as relevant as ever for ten years. The Nike Tech Fleece Concept has never included seasonal collections and capsules, only continuous collections, always the same, from year to year.

This has allowed the line to become a timeless and seasonless icon that is always on trend.

Here are features of the Tech Fleece in detail:

Innovation: The Nike Tech Fleece is made from a unique fabric that combines warmth and lightness. This means you can wear it in any season, whether you’re trying to keep warm during the winter or trying to be comfortable and cool during the summer. The versatility of this fabric is incredible.

Design: Nike Tech Fleece clothing is not only comfortable, but also incredibly fashionable. Nike has combined functionality with contemporary style to create clothing that will make you stand out wherever you go. They are perfect for your daily routine, a casual get-together with friends, or an evening outing.

Comfort: These garments are designed to provide maximum comfort. The lightweight fabric conforms to your body without restriction, providing the freedom of movement you need to get through the day with ease. You’ll never have to sacrifice comfort for style.

Quality: Nike is synonymous with quality and attention to detail. Each Nike Tech Fleece garment is carefully crafted using high-quality materials that stand the test of time. You’ll be sure to get a garment that will last.

Style: Fashion changes quickly, but the Nike Tech Fleece is a timeless classic. Its clean, modern aesthetic will always keep you looking fashionable, regardless of current trends.

When was Nike’s tech fleece born?

In 2005, Jarrett Reynolds and Michael Leon worked as designers for Nike apparel. Portland was not interested in Nike Tech Fleece or the concept behind the collection. Techwear was not yet a trend, so Reynolds and Leon were able to work on it without any pressure and with total freedom.

Nike first launched the Tech Pack in 2007, two years after Reynolds and Leon‘s first concept, with a collection dedicated to those who love comfort and everyday use of sweatpants. Technical fleece sweatshirts, pants, pocket tees, track jackets, and, the most important piece, a Windrunner jacket using no sow technology, in which the fabric is sealed together with ultrasonic waves to avoid raw edge marks, are indeed released.

A few months later, the M65 Jacket was also launched, a military-inspired garment composed of a tough, breathable, water-resistant 100 percent nylon shell and a Nike Dri-fit cotton/polyester lining. At the time, Nike Tech sweatpants with a full zipper and fleece hood were still a staple garment meant exclusively for sports. But as streetwear evolved toward an increasingly technical and performance approach, and thanks in part to the explosion of rap phenomena such as trap and drill, it would become the best-selling garment in the entire collection.

In 2013, however, the Nike Tech Fleece line was presented to the public, with collections in different colors and pattern variants, revolutionizing the tracksuit industry with its reimagining of the traditional fleece.

What is the most famous nike tech fleece garment?

One of the most famous Nike Tech Fleece styles is the “Nike Tech Fleece Windrunner.” This garment is a modern variation of Nike’s iconic Windrunner jacket, and has been highly praised for its fashionable design, comfortable fit, and innovative Tech Fleece fabric. However, it is important to note that over the years, Nike has released different versions and styles of Nike Tech Fleece apparel, and the popularity of a particular model may vary depending on personal preferences and fashion trends of the day.

In today’s era, the Nike Tech Fleece suit identifies, for better or worse, for who you are. Says Jarrett Reynolds himself in an interview:

“We know how people wear [Nike] clothing and shoes, often for the purpose they were designed for – running – other times for everything else.” If this collection inspires a girl who has never run before to go out and start running, fine. If she wears it to go clubbing and looks good, that’s fine too.”

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