Passion have no boundaries: in Nigeria the first festival dedicated to Sneakers

Lagos’ Sneaker Fest has been the first in the country’s history

More than a festival, Sneaker Fest is a movement that wants to unite sneaker enthusiasts from all over the country, promote Sneakers Culture, and be an example to all new generations towards a sustainable and conscious future.

The first festival dedicated to Sneakers Culture in Nigeria took place on Saturday, January 29, 22 at Lagos Oriental Hotel in Victoria Island, inaugurating a promising scene where young artists, designers, musicians, sportsmen, poets, creatives and newbies gave birth to a movement that is set to go global, far exceeding expectations.

The event mainly celebrated young Nigerians demonstrating and promoting their skills in different fields of expertise: rap battles, dance competitions, poetry, art. The most touching moment of the Fest was the tribute to Sound Sultan, the award-winning Nigerian rapper who through his social media promoted Nigerian Rap, giving birth to the current Hip Hop scene.

Can an event dedicated to Sneakers improve political and social life in a country like Africa?

Sneaekr Fest has also succeeded in this miracle: the strength of this passion has not only brought together many sneakerheads, but has also made itself a protagonist from a social point of view by bridging the gap between the Nigerian people and the government to create a better understanding of young Nigerians and their needs by the government.

These are the values that unite us, a universal language where passion and community come together to achieve the goal of a better world.

Our Urban Jungle family can only be excited, greateful and proud to have supported such an important and meaningful event, for Nigeria and beyond

The opening of our first Store in Nigeria – very Soon – is the confirmation of the great change that our international Company has started years ago, and that it pursues with great determination and passion.

Urban Jungle Lagos is Coming. Stay Tuned!