Swoosh by Nike FW23 Collection.

Brief history of one of the world’s most famous logos and new “Big Swoosh by Nike” collection.

The Swoosh by Nike has come a long way since, in 1971, a graphic design student at Portland State University named Carolyn Davidson was approached by Phil Knight founder of Nike, then known as Blue Ribbon Sports – to create a logo for his athletic shoe company.


Carolyn Davidson set to work and designed a simple but dynamic symbol: a stylized Swoosh, inspired by the wings of Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory. The logo evoked speed, movement and victory, key elements for a sports brand.

Initially, Knight was not entirely convinced, but eventually accepted the design and used it on Nike’s first shoes, including the famous Nike Cortez. The Swoosh became a distinctive symbol of the company and represented passion for sports, performance, and determination.


Today, Nike’s Swoosh is a universal symbol of sneaker culture as well as an emblem of style and innovation in the world of sports and lifestyle. The simplicity of the design and its inherent meaning have helped make the Swoosh one of the most powerful and memorable logos in the history of branding, which the brand has repeatedly placed at the forefront of its collections as a fundamental and distinctive element.

One of the latest collections just unveiled is “Swoosh by Nike,” a capsule composed of essential sportswear pieces on which the big Swoosh emerges.

Swoosh by Nike 2023 Collection at urbanjunglestore.com

Each garment, be it pants, wind jacket, t-shirt or vest, features, precisely, a Swoosh that is significantly larger than the traditional size; a bold design that gives the collection an extremely modern and trendy look, ensuring that anyone wearing the garments in the “Big Swoosh by Nike” collection will not go unnoticed.

Swoosh by Nike 2023 Collection at urbanjunglestore.com

The use of the Big Swoosh underscores the brand’s pride in its identity and heritage in sneaker culture. The collection demonstrates Nike‘s ability to constantly reinvent itself, experimenting with its logo and presenting new interpretations to meet the evolving needs and tastes of streetwear and sportswear enthusiasts.

Now available online at urbanjunglestore.com and in our stores.